One important way the PAC contributes to the Carson Graham community is financially.

 How does the PAC get money to spend?

Some PAC money is raised through special events. Occasionally, Carson PAC holds fundraisers such as a Gala.  This has the benefit of raising money and building community at the same time.  

The PAC also receives money through donations from Carson Graham families. On your child’s fee statement, you have the opportunity to donate to the PAC’s technology and scholarship funds.

Every PAC in BC also gets money from the provincial government in the form of gaming grants. When you buy a lottery ticket, a portion of the money is given to PACs and other community service organizations. Gaming grants can be spent only on extracurricular items.

To donate to the Carson Graham PAC there is an easy link on the right hand page to CashOnLine.  

 How does the PAC spend the money?

The PAC pays for special school resources and events. Every year, staff members and students submit requests through the school wishlist. PAC members then vote on which items to fund. Here is just a sample of the wishlist items we’ve bought or contributed to in recent years:

  • Grade 8 Welcome BBQ 
  • School Communication Monitors Upgrade
  • Teacher Class 4 Drivers Licenses 
  • Math Club Pizza Lunches
  • Self-Regulation Equipment 
  • Vancouver Model United Nations Club
  • Santa's Breakfast 
  • Soccer Equipment
  • Batteries and Battery Boxes for Auto Construction 
  • School AV Equipment - speakers and microphones 
  • Parent Speaker Series 
  • Self regulation equipment: Hokki stools, wiggle cushions, kick bands, body socks in 4 classrooms and the Learning Centre
  • sports uniforms and equipment
  • wood and metal shop equipment
  • projection system for the theatre
  • class sets of iPads
  • laptops for the science department
  • Kobo readers for the English department
  • a ropes-course excursion for the Choices program
  • student scholarships and bursaries
  • guest speakers
  • the Cinderella/Cinderfella fund
  • improv team retreat
  • food for Aboriginal Week
  • club events such as the Blood, Sweat and Cheers appreciation lunch and the Big Brothers baking afternoon

The PAC also funds special events, such as school-wide barbecues and parent educational evenings.

Parents can also bring their own ideas to the attention of the PAC. For example, in 2013, we voted to provide a much-appreciated Christmas party for students in the Choices program.