Dear PAC,

I would like to thank you for sponsoring the grade 8 Gauss math contest year (2015/2016).  This experience for the grade 8’s is invaluable as it shows some hidden talents and how much fun math contests can be.  It also shows that the math department is committed to having every student achieve their math potential.

By giving grade 8’s exposure, we can build upon our small but strong base of contest writers.  We have had success with our older students:  10 in the top 20% of Canada results with 5 in the top 5%.

Although there are no ranked results for Gauss, we had 9 students scoring above 100.  We also have many more students in the 90’s.  So, this is a fairly strong group that we can work with.  The goal is to have them improve their rankings with further training.  As always, students of any level are encouraged to improve their math skills and write the contests.

Thanks again,

Mr. Amory Wong (The Pi Guy)
Homeroom D301/D305
Mathematics/Information and Communication Technologies Departments
Carson Graham Secondary (IB) School