Dear PAC,

Thank you for your donation of Tackle Rings to the Football and Boys/Girls Rugby program. These rings will ensure that our contact sports are using best practice to teach our student-athletes safe contact.

In both the Football and Rugby programs, the safety of Carson Graham student-athletes is paramount. Coaches of both....

 programs have discussed a daily implementation of this piece of equipment into practice plans and we all agree that it will help with teaching the progression of tackling while enforcing the foundation of our student-athlete’s fundamentals to ensure correct body posture to keep the head out of a tackle.  The Provincial governing bodies of Football and Rugby recognize the importance limiting player contact in practices and the addition of the rings enable us to be on the cutting edge of best practice while ensuring that our athletes are as safe as possible.

As coaches, we believe that the student-athlete experience is important in the construction of character and providing students with the traits to be successful members of our community.

Thank you for your dedication to the Carson Graham school community!

Best regards,

Football and Rugby Programs