Thank you to Ross Laird who gave a very informative talk on how your children and technology can exist together.  A quick summary below.

What’s needed for emotional health development for young people

·        Belonging, Trust and Safety; those unable to find it in real life turn to online community

·        Self-regulation (impeded by technology and personal devices) and awareness – the development of self-regulation most important skill for all young people (ages 5-27)

·        Empathy – on decline with technology; Narcissism on the rise

·        Adult mentor

·        Self-Reflection

·        Growth mindset (sense that you can figure whatever out, even in face of adversity)

·        Trauma healing (ability to work on it; if not, it becomes intergenerational trauma)

·        Family relationships (listening and time): moms 3 min a day on non-task conversation, dads 90secs; kids of all ages need about 30min a day to talk about feelings

·        Empathic connection (if kids go to parents with feelings, sign of good connection)

·        Relational awareness (ages 12-25 really critical time)

 Technology is the opposing force to above.

Tips: Doing things together; be present and model health; cultivate belonging and hope; accept human messiness; repeat; stay in the conversation every time.

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