Dear PAC,

Thank you for your donation of Tackle Rings to the Football and Boys/Girls Rugby program. These rings will ensure that our contact sports are using best practice to teach our student-athletes safe contact.

In both the Football and Rugby programs, the safety of Carson Graham student-athletes is paramount. Coaches of both....

This past February, students from Carson Graham Secondary participated in the Surrey International Jazz Festival.

It is with great pride to announce that the Carson Graham Vocal Jazz Ensemble were honoured with 1st place.

Eight judges unanimously found this ensemble the best in the showcase showdown.

Dear PAC,

I would like to thank you for sponsoring the grade 8 Gauss math contest year (2015/2016).  This experience for the grade 8’s is invaluable as it shows some hidden talents and how much fun math contests can be.  It also shows that the math department is committed to having every student achieve their math potential.

By giving grade 8’s exposure, we can build upon our small but strong base of contest writers.  We have had success with our older students:  10 in the top 20% of Canada results with 5 in the top 5%.

Although there are no ranked results for Gauss, we had 9 students scoring above 100.  We also have many more students in the 90’s.  So, this is a fairly strong group that we can work with.  The goal is to have them improve their rankings with further training.  As always, students of any level are encouraged to improve their math skills and write the contests.

Thanks again,

Mr. Amory Wong (The Pi Guy)
Homeroom D301/D305
Mathematics/Information and Communication Technologies Departments
Carson Graham Secondary (IB) School

Greetings PAC,

The Fine Arts department is proud to celebrate the tremendous success of our Sr Improv team.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I offer my thanks to PAC on behalf of a thrilled group of students. PAC assisted this team of students with their short-notice trip to Ottawa and they have returned with silver medals. The Canadian Improv Games hosts regional tournaments in 14 regions across Canada. In this Canada-wide performance, it was Carson performing on finals night.


Thank you so much for believing in my program enough to support me this year. I had my first class on the 23rd of February. The turn out was small but committed!!

At out first get together, we cooked a big pot of Chili and a fantastic loaf of corn bread. The kids were very pleased with their efforts and ate up like there was no tomorrow. .

After today's second session, the kids were great and yelled " hey photos for the parents" a bit late as they had tucked into the Quesadillas and home made guacamole.  They had a great time and enjoyed a dessert of navel and blood oranges.  As you can see word is out and the kids are coming.

Again let me say how appreciative I am for the support and that I am truly grateful for this opportunity. The kids are excited to cook you all a meal, soon.
Sam Clark