Foundry - North Shore

Dana Warburton from Canadian Mental Health Association led a Power Point presentation on FOUNDRY. 

  • This is a service for youth 12 - 24 years old.
  • It is free and confidential
  • It helps youth and families navigate the health system.
  • There is a Medical Services Clinic
  • There is a free drop-in counselling service.

Their mandate is to bring health services together under one roof to make it easier to find help and support.

For more information, please visit the website, Foundry - North Shore.

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture - Youth Activities

Paul Sidhu from North Van Rec  Commission led a Power Point presentation on activities for youth available at Delbrook and Harry Jerome Rec Centres.

They off a free drop in program for youth 12-18 years old.

  • There is a youth lounge.
  • Lots of activities to choose from - fooseball, darts, board games, pool to name a few AND FREE SNACKS!

For more information and registration for various activities, please visit the website, North Vancouver Recreation Commission

Carson Graham Parents Music Association

Heidi Degenstein spoke to all about the role of the new Carson Graham Parents Music Association.

  • They are helping the music teachers coordinate and provide administration for the various concerts and events Carson Students are involved in.
  • They help coordinate and raise funds for these events.

For more information, please visit the Carson Graham Music website.


UBC Computer Science is partnering with a number of local tech companies to put together a series of tech-related activities for high school girls. 

Coming up very soon is the Technovation Challenge (, a coding and entrepreneurship challenge where small teams of up to 5 girls identify problems they want to solve, design a plan and an app, pitch
the plan and build the app!

To do this, groups will be paired with both business and technical mentors which we will source from industry professionals and undergraduate students from UBC to help guide the teams through a well-outlined curriculum. It's a
fantastic opportunity to develop skills within a group of friends or classmates and develop skills over the competition period. The team formation deadline is on Dec 15th, and the curriculum runs until the delivery date of April 25th. It is expected that teams will meet on an ongoing basis in-person with their mentors on most occasions to facilitate the learning and mentoring process.

This will mark the second year that UBC CS and Tasktop are working together to mentor girls for Technovation. Last year we had a very successful initial participation in this challenge with two of the teams winning their category - one of which won $5000 after attending the finals!

We're asking for any parents or interested girls to mobilize, read about the challenge and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with names and contact information of your team members by Dec 15 so that
we can make sure that every registered team has the pair of mentors to make their participation a success! Currently we have a limited supply of mentors so we are asking for teams of committed parents and high-school girls.

The main requirements are a parent/coach to lead your team, and a time commitment of ~50 hours (2-4hrs per week) leading up to the April date. We will be giving priority to teams comprised of girls from grades 8 to 10. 
Some important dates you should be aware of are:

· January 13 is the kickoff party for all teams (lunch included). Teams will meet with their mentors to brainstorm ideas for their app and set up regular meeting times for the next 12 weeks. 

· April 25th is when teams should submit all of their work

· May 5-6th is the regional pitch competition where teams present their work

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Arden Allen, Giulia Mattia, Sherry Yuan

GIRLsmarts4tech Workshop Coordinators

UBC GIRLsmarts4tech 2018

Dear PAC,

Thank you for your donation of Tackle Rings to the Football and Boys/Girls Rugby program. These rings will ensure that our contact sports are using best practice to teach our student-athletes safe contact.

In both the Football and Rugby programs, the safety of Carson Graham student-athletes is paramount. Coaches of both....

This past February, students from Carson Graham Secondary participated in the Surrey International Jazz Festival.

It is with great pride to announce that the Carson Graham Vocal Jazz Ensemble were honoured with 1st place.

Eight judges unanimously found this ensemble the best in the showcase showdown.

Dear PAC,

I would like to thank you for sponsoring the grade 8 Gauss math contest year (2015/2016).  This experience for the grade 8’s is invaluable as it shows some hidden talents and how much fun math contests can be.  It also shows that the math department is committed to having every student achieve their math potential.

By giving grade 8’s exposure, we can build upon our small but strong base of contest writers.  We have had success with our older students:  10 in the top 20% of Canada results with 5 in the top 5%.

Although there are no ranked results for Gauss, we had 9 students scoring above 100.  We also have many more students in the 90’s.  So, this is a fairly strong group that we can work with.  The goal is to have them improve their rankings with further training.  As always, students of any level are encouraged to improve their math skills and write the contests.

Thanks again,

Mr. Amory Wong (The Pi Guy)
Homeroom D301/D305
Mathematics/Information and Communication Technologies Departments
Carson Graham Secondary (IB) School