Robotics Club 

$5,599.99 to fund the purchase of one unit of VEX IQ Robotic Bundle Kits.  This will support hands on opportunities for the club to use applied science and engineering concepts; and provide outreach to Carson Graham feeder schools.

Carson Graham School 

$6,000.00 - Two water fountains to replace those on 2nd and 3rd floors.  This fountains have the capacity to fill water bottles and encourage students to stay hydrated.


$300.00 for the PAC Chair to attend the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Council Conference in May.

EPIC May Fair

$700.00 to help fund activities for the Grade 9 EPIC school fair.

Math Club

$1,800 for providing free-lunch for participants and tutors during Math Club

Communications Monitors

$3,600 to purchase monitors to communicate school news to the student body.